git hints

These pages attempt to provide a list of reminders about working with git. I view it as helping one go from being a beginning to intermediate git user. A few things to remember about using these pages:

  1. There are many good and thorough resources on the web about all levels of git, so here we just have a quick(ish) reference with pointers to better resources for more in-depth study. (If one were to read through the list of resources at the end of this page, they would find that all of the content here is actually pulled directly from other places there.)
  2. Confusion can sometimes be reduced by remembering things in the general case, rather than a specific example that may not accurately transfer to new situations. Git seems to be fraught with commonly-used examples that show a behavior that people get used to, and then cause surprise when git does something different.
  3. Of course you don’t have to go through these pages in order, but some of the later ones do make references to concepts or points made in previous pages. So I DO suggest going through them in order. “Shortcuts and Configuration” can safely be skipped.