Operating Systems

  • qubes os (coming soon)


Here’s how I’m partitioning for now. Note that with GPT, we can have as many primary partitions as we want - no more need for extended/logical. Also remember to make the combined boot/esp paritions FAT32.


FIXME insert the table

additional encrypted drives

Sometimes you want to make a new partition and have it encrypted, and you want to also have it automounted at boot. I like the keyfile/crypttab idea from this SE answer pretty well; it is general and not very complicated.

Booting BIOS isos

Sometimes when trying to update bios images you might get a .iso image that, when written to a flash drive with e.g. dd if=update.iso of=/dev/sda bs=4096 status=progress && sync, doesn’t boot. This is because you actually have to extract the image first with e.g. geteltorito -o x230.img g2uj33us.iso and then burn the .img file.